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Experience eyebrow perfection! At Artistic Brows, we believe the eyebrows are the accent on the beauty of your eyes.

Principle Artist and Techniques

Artist: Nazy


Nazy has  been threading for over 40 years and absolutely LOVES what she does!   She is dedicated to giving her clients the best look they can achieve  for the type of brow they possess.  She  recognizes the importance of full, balanced, groomed brows  that enhance your facial features.  She will evaluate your bone structure,  facial proportions, even your hair style and color.  All while taking the time to  discuss design options and ways to create the perfect brows for you, utilizing her masterful skills at facial threading and her training as a Phibrows Eyebrow Microblading Artist!   

Threading Perfection


Offering our Clients elegance, beauty and complete satisfaction, using the ancient art of threading. If you have been the victim of over tweezing or a brow butcher, we will  use our expertise to sculpt  the perfect brows in a clean, relaxed and comforting environment.  Whether  your brows are too thick, too thin, your afraid to touch them or you  simply don't know where to start; Our artistic method of balancing your  brows will leave you feeling better than you ever have before!

Phibrows Microblading Artistry


Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic  eyebrow drawing in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according  to facial morphology and golden proportion (phi 1,618). The technique is  intended for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to correct the aesthetic  problems of their eyebrows or give them a new shape or style.  Nazy has completed over 100 hours of training in this technique to ensure you have the most realistic brows possible.  We use only the finest dyes and pigments which will give you superior long lasting results.  Our tools are disposable, single use only to ensure the utmost safety for our clients.


What Clients are Saying About Artistic Brows

Google - Microblading Review


Evie DeJesus  10/1/2018  *****

Nazy had been my eyebrow tech for at least  9 years.  Her work is phenomenal !!  As close to perfection.  I recently did the microblading  and ladies  I love them!  Nazy is gentle, knowledgeable and  my eyebrows are now perfect. Naturally filled in (THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL & NATURAL LOOKING) and my confidence is thru the roof!!!   Don't hesitate seriously  get it done.

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Yelp - Threading Review

 Christie B.  7/25/2018   *****      

If you want your eyebrows threaded to  perfection this is the place for you! I love her quote, " eyebrow are  not identical they are cousins." Her devotion to making us feel at home  and comfortable surpasses to several places I visited in the country. It  is NOT the mall experience. I would travel anywhere to have her do my  eyebrows !!!!



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Google - Threading Review

Dawn Thomascole  8/2018  ***** 

My very 1st threading experience! It was awesome!! Fast and I love my eyebrows! All the great feedback I received from her clients while waiting nervously was reassuring. Actually wasn’t painful like I imagined. It actually Felt better than when I normally get my eyebrows waxed! My eyebrows are more defined with the threading than I have ever had with them being waxed and I have very full eyebrows! Definitely found my new eyebrow technician!!!


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Yelp - Threading Review

 Kayla H.  8/27/2017  *****

I drive to Nazy from Mooresville! I absolutely love her art she puts into her work. My brows have never looked as good as they do now. My friends have been going crazy about how great my brows are. I'm a ginger so I get the tint & she only uses ALL NATURAL henna dye. It lasts a couple of weeks!! Couldn't be more thankful to find her!

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Yelp - Microblading Review

 Teneisha D.  9/19/2018  *****

Wow! Today I just had my first session of  microblading with Nazy! The experience was amazing! I have been going to  Nazy for years to have my eyebrows threaded but unfortunately I was  born with very sparse eyebrows. For years I had to use eyebrow pencils  or powders to fill in my eyebrows and this process can become very  tedious in order to achieve the perfect brow (rarely did I achieve the  perfect natural looking brow). Needless to say, I was very excited when  Nazy announced that she would be offering microblading! My prayers were  answered!

Just like with threading Nazy explained the whole  process step by step. The whole process took about two hours to complete  with most of the time being spent to make sure that the perfect brow  measurements and drawings were achieved. The microblading was pretty  painless as a numbing cream was applied to my eyebrows. The end result  was very natural looking eyebrows! No more pencils or brow powder for  me!

I would highly recommend Nazy if you are thinking about  having microblading done! Even if you do not have sparse eyebrows like  myself, microblading would be a perfect option If you are looking to  define, cover gaps or even add a slight arch to your eyebrows! She is  very meticulous with everything she does and I would not trust anyone  else to micro blade or thread my eyebrows!

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Google - Threading Review


Mirah S 6/2018  *****
First time client and definitely will be a repeat customer.  New in town and wanted the ultimate threading experience.  I received it with Nazy.  She asked questions before completing the service and even provided suggestions/feedback after completion.  Very clean and professional atmosphere.  I will be back soon!

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